Good Things Take Time

by David Waller

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released June 22, 2016



all rights reserved


David Waller UK

"A soulful player and an all round diamond geezer" - Chris Woods Groove

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Track Name: Smile At Me
Down by the sea, you and me free from the outside,
Free from the noise, the poison that fills my mind,
I could share my dreams, my love, my past crimes,
And you'd smile at me and say, "It's alright,"

What would I not do, for you?
More than you could know or ever dream,
I know you'll never smile at me,
Or so it seems...
Track Name: Is Wisdom? [Interlude]
Is wisdom still wise when it spews from the tongue of the fool?
Do I have the right to claim to mend a mind with a broken tool?

From the heart to the mind, In times of desperation,
This is my self speculation,
A critical observation, of my broken motivations,
My crooked amputations of limbs that no longer function,
Philosophy is it fearful or beautiful?
Politics is it revolutionary or suitable?
Religion is it inclusion or devision?
Love, is it divinely inspired or clouded vision?
For eternity will I be treading water in indecision,
Locked up in the bars of a multi faceted prison,
Is plurality a fallacy? Morality a tragedy?
When clear perception is pure fantasy, vanity fuels insanity,
It's clearly the prerogative of a poet to be vaque,
I internalise my rage, to restrain truth from the light of day,
That I'm vulnerable in a world of daggers and need to be saved,
But propaganda tends to dress up underneath the darkest shade,
Their smiles turn and fade, love is a cruel charade,
When it's funded by desires to keep the mind enslaved,
Keep contradictions at bay, ignorance ingrained,
Portrayed, as foolishness, but we learn foremost by our mistakes,
For the sake of humanity, let us breath and find clarity,
In the necessity of parity, acknowledging reality,
The essence of spirituality says we're all flawed and need charity,
How is this reflected in our evident disparities?
Track Name: Holding On
I'm holding on to these shattered pieces,
Glue them together with all I have,
A little hope, a little scope to feature,
A walk we talk hand in hand,
Sky blue thoughts new, my thesis,
My house crumbles on this sand,
No wonder I can't see your face,
I don't know where I stand,

Pick up the pieces,
Pick up your weakness,
Hold onto life, yeah,
Hold onto your fight,

A smile fills all my emptiness,
But your fake attempt makes me relent nonetheless,
From returning what I haven't received,
But I'm holding on to what will be,

Take your time,
Heal your mind,
Track Name: When The World Hits You [feat. Becky Herrington]
I'm struggling and fumbling to get back up on my feet,
And the grounds feeling different underneath,
And I wish you could just tell me what I need, gimme the food that feeds,
Give me the light that leads... breath, deep,
Inhale fully and try to exhale real slow,
Feeling my troubles go, like waves that break and erode,
I remember the peace, that I could capture when the road,
Was tough I felt a warmth in my soul, huh, ya know?
A small glow, a safe home,
A long road, with headphones,
Musical memories, telling me, stress is enemy,
If you make one decision without love, that is a felony,

Where ya gonna go?
When the world it hits ya no-one knows
Where ya gonna go?
When the world it hits ya no-one knows

Innocence and youth are oh so underrated,
Why do we keep kids ignorant, to discover themselves the blatant,
Evils of this world the lies, the theft and the faking,
Masking insecurity, identity is shaken,
Popular culture supporting prostitution making,
Money and greed the root of evil which we are facing,
And I don't want my child to grow into this life, so little light,
A history that justifies murder on class and racial lines,
Cause we can't see we're blind,
With our conditioned minds,
Cognitive dissonance, leads us to contradicting lives,
No place to judge have I,
But I see we need inside,
A real revolution, raising the dead to life,
Track Name: Do you need me?
Let me know your secrets and I will show you mine,
Let me know your love, your affections and I will give you my time,

I need you, I need you now,
I'm gonna get on through, but I don't know how,
I'll keep asking questions, I keep losing ground,
I need you, but do you need me around,

No more lying, no more deception,
No more unrequited love, no misconceptions

I need you but do ya need me around,
Unrequited love has a sting bringing me down.
But love unconditional makes a joyous sound
Look after the pennies you know where to find the pounds
Track Name: Still Wise? [Interlude]
We're in denial of the power we each hold to shape the coming,
Indignant to the knowledge that if we shine we can be stunning,
To understand the hand of man has landed us in a tampered plan,
The history of iniquity if not confronted will be our becoming,
Blissful ignorance does not exist, although I miss my innocence,
If our history stays concealed we will yield the sorry consequence,
That history repeats itself, but can we change our state of health?
With so little power in our hands, restricted by the cards we're dealt,
I don't have answers, but I've sure got questions,
I'll probably drive you mad in the wrong direction,
But with discretion I'll learn lessons, live to help those who need protection,
Lift the broken out of depression, and fight rejection with acceptance,

Is wisdom still wise when it spews from the tongue of the fool?
Do I have the right to claim to mend a mind with a broken tool?
Track Name: A Helping Hand
He sits heavily hearted by the sea,
Looks out at what his future will be,
His hands full of torn up dreams,
Just wandering what he can truly be,

She sits on the bridge next to her house,
Flip flops off, tick to tock, her times run out,
She feels alone, out of control, but there's a voice like a ringing phone,
Whispering, there is a way out,

Lift your eyes and see,
Break those chains, be set free,
If it's somebody to trust you need, I will be,
A helping hand indeed,

He counts his change in his pocket, before he goes to the bus stop home,
Bound to end up back where he begins,
Feeling hopeful, but still needs filling, Don't know what's coming but he is willing,
Knows that he's not alone in this,
No he is not alone in this,
Track Name: Black Colour
Real life must always be better than a fiction,
So don't paint your soul with this black colour,
Know your worth and put love first,
Lust is not the healing you deserve,

Keep your head above the ground,
Oh bottled down, down, down,
Dry your tears for in those years there were lessons to be learned,

It's never too late to heal from an affliction,
So don't paint your soul with this black colour,
She says "know your worth and put us first"
Find your way oh live and learn,
Track Name: Good things take time
Do you wander like me if you'll meet the needs,
That your hearts needs to feed on, to seek some peace?
Ya might lose your feet, believe a sweet release,
Is In death, but liberty is in the light we speak,
Watch ya step, and try to breath because we need some rest,
Physically and spiritually replenished and fed,
Listening to every wise word that's been said,
Cherishing, burying these words in our hearts and heads,
Coz I don't tell the truth when I call my friends,
I don't ask for help that I need, instead
We're all prone to lies, shame floods like a river,
I shiver a sinner who's really trying his best,
Trying to fly in to land, but this hinterland,
Of doubt, fear and love turns into sand,
Grains fall through my sticks on hands,
We use to chase after some perfection like an Instagram,

Something new, strange and so beautiful... too,
Life is dry, don't know whether the rain will come in time,
I can't decide, too many voices in my mind,
Good things take time, good things take time,

Struggling and fumbling to see into the light,
Tryna find some peace, but I'm led to my demise,
Weak at the knees, need a release, needing some sleep, yet inevitably I wake only to find,
My flaws lord over me, I yearn so soulfully,
But actions create change, failures showing me,
Trying to undo the lies that are sold to me,
Instigate some changes, with this poetry,
Indignant to fictions that bring me restrictions,
Stumbling my words, better practice my diction,
Pay close attention and read my inscription,
Hear all my fears here's a humble depiction,
Living but led by myself, insecure,
Self esteem a dream I yearn for,
Need to be clean, but this Sistine ravine,
Stands tall on every country's obscene regime,

Something new, strange and so beautiful... too,
Life is dry, don't know whether the rain will come in time,
I can't decide, too many voices in my mind,
Good things take time, good things take time